Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lists Lovely Lists

I like lists! Small ones, big ones, official ones, lists on scrap pieces of paper, lists in my head, lists everywhere. They help me to keep all the stuff floating in my head in order AND are useful for ensuring I achieve something concrete in my day.
So in following my fav blogging Mum's I thought it may very well be time to publish a list

Here's what I NEED (and want) to achieve in the next little while!

  1. FINISH JK's Quilt....very urgent
  2. Finish knitting JK's hat (I just pulled back about 10 lines as I found a stitch round the wrong way and it just annoyed me!)
  3. Finish knitting little Bubba cardigan (to add to my little collection of 'new' baby clothes)
  4. Finish knitting my poncho
  5. Add buttons to LJ's knitted jacket
  6. Learn to knit longies and socks (Karen is my source of knowledge)
  7. Sew two fabric bags as pressies for my twin sisters' birthdays in June
  8. Sew some little baby nappies with scrummy material from Sarah @ Greenbeans
  9. Knit another little Bubba cardigan for a friend's bubba due in July
  10. Organise JK's birthday ON TIME to avoid stress
  11. Finish reading 2 books that are in progress
  12. Learn to crochet (mummy help!!.....maybe start a blanket of blocks so it's attainable)
  13. Clean my oven....ICK! (I dislike this job with great intensity.....maybe get hubby to do it while I supervise)t
  14. Organise a box of interesting activities for the kiddos on rainy days
  15. Sort through the multitudes of photos on our computer and delete the bung ones

I think my list could go on for a little longer but 15 things will keep me busy for a bit. Will report back as things are done just for the satisfaction of seeing the progress for myself.

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kate5kiwis said...

ummm, looks like a wee *nesting* moment to moi lol X