Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy Nesting

Ahhhh! The nesting bug has gotten me!
I have
  • knitted
  • cleaned and tidied random stuff
  • reorganised
  • sorted
  • oh yes and knitted
  • sewn stuff
and I still haven't done 1/2 my list but we're making progress and that's the main thing.

It's 4 more weeks till my scan date (technically my due date was the week just gone.....after all this is Laura we are talking about and the last 2 just turned up when they were good and ready, yes 2 and 3 weeks later).
I'm feeling good! Not too incapacitated by the large basketball protruding out the front and enjoying this little person moving around inside my belly.
The boys are showing lots of interest in bubba and JK has taken to commenting at least once a day "I wonder if it's a boy or a girl?". LJ's fav comfort thing is to lift up my shirt and put his head on my puku (tummy), talk to the 'bubby' and rub my stomach like it's magic. All very cute! Oh yes and speaking of cute, my darling hubby has been bonding with his next child too.

So here are some of the projects that I have completed and attached photos of
  1. Emma's Apron! This is an 'Emmeline Apron' from a pattern by Sew Liberated (formally Montessori By Hand). This special apron has been sent of to my darling sister who is on the Mission field in Ethiopia. Oh and it's reversible! She chose the material herself before she left so this is totally her style.

  2. Sarah's Mei Tai. This was great fun to make as it is so simple and quick esp once you have all the pieces cut out.

  3. Knitted Baby Soakers and Longie. One girlie coloured one, just in case we have a little girl!

  4. Calorimetry. My first attempt at one of these in this cool wool. It was easy to knit and a great instant gratification project. I think I didn't check the gauge carefully enough (i'm just lazy) so it's a little wider than it should be.....thinking I might give it a bit of a hotish wash to size it down a bit.

  5. One toddler sized longie for LJ. This was the first one I have ever knitted. Am so proud of the new skills I learnt along the way. Knitted in Tekapo Landscape.

  6. Another 2 Dishcloths... One went all the way to Ethiopia for my Mum and the other to my sister Marcella....opps no photos of these.

Baby Thoughts

I was just having a little meander through the photos on our computer and came across a file named "LJ's Birth". They brought back lots of memories of that first day and week, along with the reality of having to do the whole labour thing again.
I felt quite tearful looking at the photos as LJ and I were seperated for 3 hours following his birth as I was transfered to the main hospital from the birthing unit.... he had made a bit of a mess. I still remember being in theatre and thinking....'damn this is just wrong, I should be bonding with my new bubba not lying here in this most dignified (NOT) position listening to the theatre stuff discuss family and work'. ( I know it could've been a hang of a lot worse....but still). I have a wishlist for this labour....if God will just cover 2 of the bases, I'll be stoked.
LJ bonded with his Daddy for those 3 hours, a bond which continues on even now. They have something a little extra special going on between them.
As most parents we did wonder how our the 2 and half year old JK would handle going from an only child to sharing his world with a little brother. Well we needn't have worried.....look at the photo I found ...............................

JK's Quilt

FINALLY!!! i have managed to get JK's quilt on the line for a photo. It's only been 4 months since it was finished and gifted to him for his 4th birthday!!
He requested the colour scheme (blue and green) and found a picture of a quilt with courthouse steps as the pattern...he decided he quite liked it.
Some of the fabrics where chosen purely for their colour but many were chosen for their NZ designs. We have pukekos, kiwifruit, korus and ferns. It was loads of fun to make and JK just loves it to bits.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nappies Away

I'm very proud of my little LJ (or not so little as the case may be!).
Yesterday I packed away his nappies.
He is dry all day!!
At night he's wearing pullups and this morning even they were dry!!
Now I've had a few mums say "gosh you're lucky" but I would like to think that luck has nothing to do with it. We started LJ on infant potty training (or Elimination training) when he was about 2 months old. We haven't been religious about it but I definitely believe that it's made a huge difference. Going to the toilet has never been a new thing for him and boy does it make it easier when you want to get them into undies.

So away with those nappies.......for a few more weeks, then we start all over again.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just Because They're Cute

An Ice-Cream to commemorate the beginning of Spring

A very satisfied smile from LJ following a fluffy at a new "kid-friendly" Cafe.

JK with yet another flying creation

Check out that expression!
Anybody would've thought LJ was listing to music through those earmuffs!

JK showcasing his new clothes