Friday, May 30, 2008

I Promise.........

Ah... promises are dangerous things!!
But seeing it's the long weekend coming up I endeavour to blog up some photos of all the fun things I (we)'ve been up to over the rather slient weeks in my blog...
1. Finish fitted nappy, Nappy cover and 4 face cloths for a baby shower tomorrow
2. 2x messenger bags for my twin sisters birthdays on Sunday (the family is going on mission in Ethiopia for a year so they should come in use giving them something they can't take with them!)

Once those 2 major's are out of the way I will take a breath and update photos of quilt (LONG overdue), nappies, bags etc etc along with adventures in the lives of the REST of the family....who by the way don't find my sewing quite so interesting!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Completed Quilt

The quilt has been completed and delivered to JK for his 4th birthday yesterday.
I think it's been dragged round the house for the last 24 hours with much love.
Photos to come.............

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Update to List

Why am I blogging when I should be sewing binding on to the quilt????
Very good question.....on which shows I either have a short attention span or I have a serious issue with multi-tasking!!

Things done off my list......

#2 - Finish knitting JK's hat (I just pulled back about 10 lines as I found a stitch round the wrong way and it just annoyed me!)
#10 -
Organise JK's birthday ON TIME to avoid stress

Things that nearly done:

#1 -
FINISH JK's Quilt....very urgent

Oh and I had a divergent moment on the way through my list of to-do's and made a Kete Pikau (Maori for Woven backpack) for my hubby. I dyed it black and wine in colour and it was my first unsupervised (by the expert, Tia) effort at making one.

Pictures to come!