Thursday, May 1, 2008

Update to List

Why am I blogging when I should be sewing binding on to the quilt????
Very good question.....on which shows I either have a short attention span or I have a serious issue with multi-tasking!!

Things done off my list......

#2 - Finish knitting JK's hat (I just pulled back about 10 lines as I found a stitch round the wrong way and it just annoyed me!)
#10 -
Organise JK's birthday ON TIME to avoid stress

Things that nearly done:

#1 -
FINISH JK's Quilt....very urgent

Oh and I had a divergent moment on the way through my list of to-do's and made a Kete Pikau (Maori for Woven backpack) for my hubby. I dyed it black and wine in colour and it was my first unsupervised (by the expert, Tia) effort at making one.

Pictures to come!

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