Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy Nesting

Ahhhh! The nesting bug has gotten me!
I have
  • knitted
  • cleaned and tidied random stuff
  • reorganised
  • sorted
  • oh yes and knitted
  • sewn stuff
and I still haven't done 1/2 my list but we're making progress and that's the main thing.

It's 4 more weeks till my scan date (technically my due date was the week just gone.....after all this is Laura we are talking about and the last 2 just turned up when they were good and ready, yes 2 and 3 weeks later).
I'm feeling good! Not too incapacitated by the large basketball protruding out the front and enjoying this little person moving around inside my belly.
The boys are showing lots of interest in bubba and JK has taken to commenting at least once a day "I wonder if it's a boy or a girl?". LJ's fav comfort thing is to lift up my shirt and put his head on my puku (tummy), talk to the 'bubby' and rub my stomach like it's magic. All very cute! Oh yes and speaking of cute, my darling hubby has been bonding with his next child too.

So here are some of the projects that I have completed and attached photos of
  1. Emma's Apron! This is an 'Emmeline Apron' from a pattern by Sew Liberated (formally Montessori By Hand). This special apron has been sent of to my darling sister who is on the Mission field in Ethiopia. Oh and it's reversible! She chose the material herself before she left so this is totally her style.

  2. Sarah's Mei Tai. This was great fun to make as it is so simple and quick esp once you have all the pieces cut out.

  3. Knitted Baby Soakers and Longie. One girlie coloured one, just in case we have a little girl!

  4. Calorimetry. My first attempt at one of these in this cool wool. It was easy to knit and a great instant gratification project. I think I didn't check the gauge carefully enough (i'm just lazy) so it's a little wider than it should be.....thinking I might give it a bit of a hotish wash to size it down a bit.

  5. One toddler sized longie for LJ. This was the first one I have ever knitted. Am so proud of the new skills I learnt along the way. Knitted in Tekapo Landscape.

  6. Another 2 Dishcloths... One went all the way to Ethiopia for my Mum and the other to my sister Marcella....opps no photos of these.


Sharonnz said...

Very productive nesting too! Love the Emmeline.

sweetp said...

I love the Meitei! Way cool

kate5kiwis said...

oh lauz, just lookit you!!!
busy whizzy!!!!!
love all the updates.
love your contentedness even though you're so full of baby.
wishing you a wonderful birth-day, thinking of you heaps and can't wait to hear the story!!!
mwah X

Laura and Jade said...

Okay, let me start by saying I suck! I am the person that you sent the fabric to for the swap. I LOVED IT!!!!! You made my whole day, You can ask anyone that I know. I could not stop talking about how nice and neat it was to get something from all the way around the world. I love the prints and can not wait to make something really neat. I have to come up with just the right project. When I do I will send you a picture. I got your package two weeks ago. I am so sorry it took so long to get to you. I am trying to put something special in the mail to you but am not done yet. My life is a little crazy with my hunny out of town till thanksgiving. I just wanted you to know that you made someones whole day and I am really thankful for that.

Laura B

oacemama said...

Hey bloglinres still ain't telling me you've posted, so I've just caught up on heaps of posts.

Hoping to hear wonderful bubba news soon.
Much love