Saturday, July 5, 2008

Winter Busyness

It's that wonderful time of year when the evenings are long and the need to be in close contact with great colours and textures is paramount. It has been rather chilly over the last month and very wet so lots of time to be indoors working on projects etc. I think it's not only the weather but also my pregnancy that motivates me to be home....even when I'm offered an evening out, I am happy-as-larry to be home keeping my hands busy with a new challenge.

Here are some of the things that are happening......and it's not just me but the kids too!

Jordan and Levi with hammers, nails, softboard and wooden shapes.....they LOVE it.

And then there's Mummy's projects.....

The Wheat Sacks requested by my Ken and Dad, they have been divided into 3 compartments to stop the wheat travelling from one end to the other and just a little bit of lavender to keep it smelling yummy.

I knitted a baby beanie from leftover wool to add to a small pile of baby gifts that I'm trying to gather for my own and all those up and coming. It was a quick satisfying project (anybody get the feeling that I need quite a bit of instant gratification!!).

The following knitted item is not my can tell cause it's not very simple looking!! Oma in Holland knitted it for our new bubba.

For my twin sister's birthdays I made them each a messenger bag to take with them on their year long family adventure to serve on the mission field in Ethiopia. They have magnetic closures and the fabrics were esp chosen for each twin. Just in case you don't of them is a bit horse crazy. Here are photos of the bags I made.

Bag #1 was made from denim and cute cherry print cotton with an appliqued flower on the outside for a bit of fun.

Bag #2 (sorry no close up photo doing some adjusting to the strap length....what a mare!!!.....hehe no pun intended) Made from vintage bark cloth picked up at the local sallies and lime green lining. This one even has a pocket on the inside.

And then of course you need to have something sitting to the side to do when ya finish the projects currently on the go (pjs for JK, nappies, flannels, baby cardy, baby hats etc etc) so I purchased 2 patterns from Sew Liberated (formly Montesori By Hand). The apron will be part of my little sister's 21st pressie and the Mei Tai carrier for a friend who is having her first bubba any day now.


sweetp said...

Wow BUSY!! Love the bags, especially the cherry one. Really interested to see how your meitei is as well, love baby wearing here :)

oacemama said...

Love your messenger cool. I still haven't finished my Emmeline apron...only been cut out for oh about three months!

Missing ya...hope to gather some $$$ for petrol to swing by once school goes back.

Jess said...

Hey Lauz! Love all your busy work! So jealous about your apron pattern!

I have to say i will be using a meitei for any other babies i have, i loved using it with Joely!

BTW where did you get your soft wood boards/shapes from, Liji would love that!

Sharonnz said...

You've been very busy. Love Meg's patterns! You asked about my overlocker. I got the Bernina because it "matches" my sewing machine;-) It's a reputable brand and our local quilting shop stocks them so the nice older lady there can help me learn how to use it properly. I know others like Janome as a brand too. HTH!