Monday, August 11, 2008

A New Toy!

Today I purchased myself a new toy....
AN OVERLOCKER!! (or serger if you're from the USA)
I requested that some of my birthday presents a few weeks ago would come in the monetary form as I am not in NEED of anything in particular. My family were very obliging and I ended up with a lovely mix of hand chosen gifts and money.
The reason for asking for money rather than gifts?
Aha! A great question......
I have been saving up for an overlocker without much success, but now.......
I have my very own one.
Found it on Trademe (NZ version of Ebay) for a reasonable price and the lady lived less than 10 min away. Yay! It works and is about to go in for a service now that I've had my first little play with it.
Now I would add a photo for your perusal but the camera is playing hide and seek with me so may have to add that one in later. to play some more.

1 comment:

kate5kiwis said...

you go girl.
if it moves, sew it.
that's my current motto lol X