Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Mothers Day Meander

My 7th Mothers Day has been and gone!

Being a Mum is such a privileged and although you'll definitely hear me complain on the odd occasion, you just can't beat hearing:

"Mummy you're just the awesomest cook in the world"
"Awww Mummy I just love you so much"
"I missed you Mummy".

And all those extra hugs one gets as a mother....complete bonus material!

I sometimes fall into the trap of looking for outside praise or recognition for the "job" I do, but if I look a little closer to home I get that feedback on a day to day basis from the kids or my darling hubby.

Therefore.....My little (or large) goal for the rest of 2010 (and potentially the rest of my life) is to be content in my role and task at hand. To look for those little things in the day that are precious gems.

Here are a few pics of our Autumnal Meander on Mothers Day

1 comment:

skatey katie said...

i just wanna smoosh your lads. they all have perfectly smoodgey cheeks.
and you are articulating the thoughts that have cyclicly (is that even a word?) sifted through my head over the years. the washing piles and squabbles can so quickly get in the way of a rumble on the floor or a story on mama's knee.
i'm off to squidge my peeps X