Friday, March 18, 2011

What I Love....

I'm a summer lover through and through, but i have just recently remembered that I have a little love affair on the side with Autumn. One of the things I love about Autumn is the stillness of the air (that is starting to cool) and the heat of the sun still going strong.

Needing to remind myself to 'stop and sniff the daisies' we popped out to Raglan (or Ragland as my LJ calls it) to take a deep breath of the sea air, run around on the beach, splash in some tepid pools left by the tide and eat fish n chips as the sun set. This little excursion out in creation did good things for the soul.
I need to remember in the hurry of life to stop and do more of this.

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CHD said...

Beautiful. I need to do more of that too (stop and smell the roses bit). Cx