Sunday, May 27, 2007

Warm Fuzzies

So much for blogging twice a week!!
I'm not very good with goals as I tend to cheat a little.........

But here I am with some yummy photos (taken on Dad's Camera) last weekend while visiting friends and family up in Auckland. JK received his Birthday pressie from his Opa J which was some extras for his Thomas the Tank Engine set. He was so excited and entertained for hours......and 1 week on he's still entertained for hours..........the sign of a worthwhile toy. This last Birthday all his presents where strategically chosen so that they had thinking, problem-solving and creative elements. He received Lego, Thomas the Tank Engine tracks etc and one of those sets with the soft board, nails, hammer and geometric wooden shapes which you then hammer on to the soft board. They are also toys that can be passed on to younger siblings. There are so many trashy toys out there which are neither useful nor developmental and I'ld rather not have my house stacked with them.

Check out that cheesy smile!!

Our little LJ has quite a little personality and is a box of birds in the evening so Ken and I took the opportunity to have a little fun with him and takes some pics. Yesterday he started to show signs of getting coordinated to crawl!! Oh my goodness! Where has my little bubba gone! Doesn't time fly! Here are some of the cutie photos that we took.......(ps...some where taken in the morning after Ken and LJ had a sleep-in together)

Wow...I made it into a photo!!

Snuggles with Daddy on a Lazy Sunday Morning

Warm Fuzzies!!

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