Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Bigger the Party The Better

Welcome to our party!

My aim for this week is to celebrate something special about my little whanau everyday. Reckon it helps keep it all in perspective!

My title is "the bigger the party the better"....but in all honesty....I'm not a big party gal! I love little intimate parties where all can fit round a table round a YUMMY meal and talk and laugh the night away.

A bit about me!
I'm a sahm with 2 lovely boys (nearly 3 and 5 months). I have a fabulous husband who is a rock and helps keep our whanau (for those of you who are from abroad....that word means "family" in Maori) running smoothly and keeps me sane! We live on site at the High School my husband teaches at as he is also a Hostel Master, so life round here is always interesting.
I am into a loads of stuff so check out the profile. In my past life I was a primary school teacher but now am happy to be home with the kiddies and journeying with them through life.

Enjoy your partying week!


kate5kiwis said...

woo hoo
*zero the hero*
welcome to the party, chick.
enjoy the week...
OMG i can't believe you're *counting* the beads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Da Setiuz Mama said...

Crazy huh! But there is method to that madness! I am only getting her to pay for the materials....the rest is for the love of it. So this way I won't over charge her.
It's all finished and delivered...time to do some much needed housework!