Monday, March 12, 2007

Whole Foods....RAW foods

Today I received an exciting little parcel in the mail.
I bought "Rejuvenate Your Life" by Serene Allison. It's a book on the Raw Food diet otherwise known as the Hallelujah Diet or The Garden of Eden Diet.
VERY interesting. She has written it as a it has interesting bits on the philosophy, anatomical benefits, lifestyle, budget etc etc and LOADS of recipes.
I'm INTERESTED in this change of diet. My darling KP did a detox this year where apart from taken herbal capsules which aid in cleaning the length of your colon, he was only permitted to eat fruit, veges, plain yoghurt, olive oil, spices and herbs. I joined in in the eating part and felt a million dollars healthier (and lost 2kgs of baby weight I was having trouble shedding!).
I don't know If I could do a 100% raw diet but definitely could aim for 70%. My hubby is supportive of the idea and even wants to give it a go himself.
So there we have this space.


kate5kiwis said...

i go through seasons with this.
see: as soon as i re-intro cooked foods i pack on the two kilos i just lost.
salad salad salad
as lad
a lads
la sad
there's only a few ways of making salad.
i think i need your recipe book chick.

Rach said...

Kate you can have mine......we went there for a while and I got the book (sorry it's not out on video!!!!!!) next move was to "Nourishing Traditions" where I think I'll stay forever and ever and ever. It's the only book I need. It's got a wee bit of a critique of "only raw foods diets" on one of its 1000 odd pages so you wouldn't want to read that page!!!!! I'll put Seren's book in teh post - L, can you tell K for me please?