Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jewelery, Digital Cameras and Craftyness

Today I finally got our digital camera to the camera shop as the flash has gone on strike.
Not only did the flash go on strike BUT it went on strike just as I pulled it out to make a photo at my dear friend's wedding for whom I made the last lot of jewelery !! HOW TYPICAL!
Photo's of the jewellery (the last photo's I made before it went on the fritz) are further down on the blog........
.............ANYWAY.................the camera........
The guy looks at me, the camera then back at me and says "Well, there's good news and bad news"
hhhmmmm......I always cringe when I hear that statement.
"The good news", he says " is that the camera still works"...........................Yeeeeeess.........wait for it....." the bad news is that it will cost between $200 and $300 to fix the flash and the camera isn't worth that anymore"
(I hear Karen's hubby saying "Go the SLR....a REAL camera")
So There you have it...........with winter coming up this camera will only make photos outside in good light and apart from that it's not much good at all. Which is very sad :-(
So I reported the verdict to my hubby who suggested we start saving..........

On to more cheerful things.....
Here are the photos of some of the jewellery I made for my friend B's wedding.

The 4 strand bracelet was the bride's one and the others for her bridesmaids. Each Bracelet was completely individual with the same pattern of beads on each strand just staggered so that the 2 strands next to each other didn't look exactly the same. Mostly Swarovski crystals with a few czech and celestial ones thrown in. The slide bars where Sterling Silver.

The Earrings where once again all similar....
this photo is of the bride's earrings
her bridesmaids had the same thing just
smaller crystals. There is a different shaped crystal on the end of each drop. Lots of fun.
I also made a belt for her consisting of 2 lengths of about 84cms full of crystals of varying types. This project was great to work on and sitting there at the wedding looking at the final result was very satisfying.


Rach said...

between you-n-Kate, you gave me da bug. I got meself some beads and made some pretties. Very sadly I lost the bracelet the very day I made it;-( Where did it drop?
Number two bracelet broke.
Methinks there's more to this lark than I realise!

kate5kiwis said...

i love your groove. great creating, girl. now, where do you get your swarovski crystals?????????

Da Setiuz Mama said...

Rach - Good on you for giving it a go. Yes....there are a few subtle tricks to make sure your beads don't go flying all over the place.....
Go to, they have a techniques page.

Kate - Thanks gal! Swarovski crystals....the only affordable way to buy them is at Be's addictive

kate5kiwis said...

hey lauz
can you tell me what you use to attach clasps to those bracelets that end in a bar: i have made one with five strings all attached to a bar, but it's so heavy it stretches the spiral rings..... and i have resorted to making my own ring, joined with a silver crimp. but it's a bit scratchy.....