Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beads Beads Glorious Beads

I was just thinking about all you jewelery buffs amongst my friends and fellow sojourners out there....I have a whole stack of excess beads sitting here waiting to be sold on for a very reasonable price SO if you would like some..............................................
Check out the pictures, descriptions and prices below and drop me a comment if you want some. OR you can check out my listings on trademe
These are only available to those who live in NZ.......sorry. You can also
They are all glass beads and are of varying grades, the sizes
range from 6mmx6mm to 10mmx20mm

Various shape Hot Red Mix Colour range of Dark Blood Red to Hot Red There are at least 100 beads in this mix including some fancy beads.

Various shape Ocean Blue Luster Mix
Colour range of Ocean Blue to Seafoam.

There are at least 40 beads in this mix including some fancy beads.


Various shape Garden Green Mix
Colour range of Dark Green to Light Green.
There are at least 50 beads in this mix including some fancy beads.


Various shape
Colour range of Dark Amber to Light Yellow

There are at least 60 beads in this mix including some fancy beads.

Right! That's it for now.....I also have a mix in Cold Blues, Lots of strands of czech firepolished crystals in the Clear "colour". They come in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm on a 16inch strand. When I say lots........I bought a mass of the 4mm and 6mm and 1/2 a mass of the 8mm. (1 mass is about 1200 beads) And some other bits and pieces so just ask away.
Have fun with ya creating!! The sky is the limit.

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kate5kiwis said...

hey, cool collections:
i am currently on the search for some paua pieces, drilled, about fingernail size, can be irregular shapes:
any ideas where to look?????
love from The Other Bead Addict X