Sunday, March 11, 2007

Immunizations, Gluten Intolerance, Choices

A year ago I started questioning a few things.....
At 18mths (or around about there) I started noticing some interesting patterns in JK's health and behavior.......runny poos (he does have a high fruit and fibre diet...but these were not the healthy kind), big dark rings under his eyes (even after a 12hr night and 2hr avo sleep) and general irritability and grottyness in the later half of the day. After trying to figure out what was going on I happened to speak to my wonderful Christian Chiropractor about my son's disposition. She recommended I do some food eliminations to see if it was a dairy or gluten intolerance. Now he hardly has much dairy as it stood cause that we established early on......but my breadloving, polynesian little boy had a rather healthy appetite for bread.
It soon occured to me that the gluten must be it and since we have cut it out for the most part, he looks much better and when he's not teething, his disposition seems a lot more balanced also.
The Gluten free walk is one of reading labels and turning to whole foods as EVERYTHING processed seems to contain some form of gluten. YAY! for gluten free breadmix and bakingmix which has made it possible for my little man to have some of the 'normal' things in his diet.

From that point on I started to keep my eyes peeled for interesting info on gluten intolerance and coeliacs..............One day I came across an article on the highly possible link between our childhood immunizations and the intolerance......
I took it into my stride, popped it away in the back room of my mind for futher thought on a rainy day as 'WHO THE HANG WOULD BE DUMB ENOUGH NOT TO IMMUNIZE THEIR CHILDREN'..............but WAIT there's more....
As we got closer to the birth of LJ the question mark about immunization cropped up in my busy little mind and felt very prompted to start exploring some more about this widely accepted and EXPECTED practice.
Well you know how it goes.....the more knowledge you have, the more responsibility you have to DO something with that knowledge! I started to ask around about the whole idea of NOT immunizing my new little baby....
I talked with Mum's who haven't done so and about their experiences of the diseases we are immunized for, I spoke with people who had a great understanding of how the body operates and I now better understand our immune system, I read 'How to Raise a Healthy Family' by Dr Mendelson (a leading American Pediatrician) and 'Just a Prick' by Peter and Hillary Butler (NZers). It amazed me and continues to, how LITTLE we know about BOTH sides of the immunization story. It's not that we have been lied to directly.....but there is a lot they (medical world and pharmaceutical companies) they aren't telling us.

Well now I had so much weighty knowledge under my was time for a decision......... I shared the condensed version with my hubby who said......'that's easy.....we won't be immunizing LJ"...........He has A LOT more faith than me.
So to this day our little 5 month old has not had a needle anywhere near him. He is a healthy, bonny and robust little boy and each day we pray God's protection over him and his brother.
It's been a gripping journey ( and continues to be) of not following the 'normal' thing to do ..... just because that's what everyone does. It's been a challenge to my habit of trying to control everything, even though I KNOW that God is ultimately in control and it's time to live the knowledge. It's been scary at times but God has spoken rather loudly to me about trusting Him and having FAITH!

Now.....I haven't told you what I know about vaccines or suchlike as if you don't WANT to know that info than you can walk away from this blog, none the wiser. But if it has caught your eye and you want to know more there ARE places you can look. Check out for more thought provoking info.
You may read this and think I'm an absolute NUTTER!! And that's ok, I understand. It's a decision that one has to make for one's own children and not to be made lightly. That decision must be rooted in your convictions not on some person's opinion.

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