Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Late Night Procrastination

It is late in the evening....10:35pm actually!!
The house is quiet as I am the only one up. My friend is getting married on Saturday and I am in the throws of making her jewellery. The last items are nearly finished....but as I went to hang a load of washing out for the morning....the computer distracted my walk to the laundry and here I am.
Being a night owl, this time of day is my prime working hour.....not very convenient when you still need to get up early in the morning!
Making jewelery became a bit of a hobbie of mine when JK was but a little bub and time was readily available. I have a whole stack that I need to sell/give away as it's getting a bit nutty having all this made jewelery sitting in the cupboard. The joy for me is in the making. I love working with crystals as they have such a fantastic brilliance and the way they refract light will always mesmerize me. Here is a photo of the necklace I made for my sister's wedding in 05...being worn by none other than my beautiful sister. The options are endless......
It's been fun, but I feel that it's time to dedicate more time to crafts etc that are of use RIGHT NOW! Such as LJ's almost finished quilt....here is photo of it in progress. I need to quilt the 3 layers together and my sewing machine is being uncooperative. GRRRR!! I will bring it out soonish and get it finished before the cold waikato winter sets in.
I have been inspired by all the wonderful ladies out there who, no matter the size of their families, still get some amazing bits of work done.

RIGHT..........no more procrastinating!!!
On with hanging washing and finishing this FAB (even if I do say so) jewelery....photos to follow


kate5kiwis said...

hello gorgeous girl
i went on a bit of a wedding jewellery bender last year too:
here and http://katekiwi.blogspot.com/2006/12/jaimees-wedding-jewellery.html
i'm looking forward to seeing your newest creations !!!!!!!!!!
loads of love
:o) kate X

kate5kiwis said...

oh phooey. i'm too clever for my blonde self.
that second link is actually here


Da Setiuz Mama said...

Hey You!
I like!!!
It's so much fun and gives one that creative out. This is the second wedding, so feeling quite confident.As it stands at the mo...I have used 624 beads!!

Rach said...

So if you put some photos up and some prices some of us made-loaaly-by-craftspeople-and-not-made-in-sweatshops-mamas could start buying your wares!!!